Justice, Justice, Justice

Today is April 20, 2021, the day that Derek Chauvin was found guilty of killing George Floyd. There were three counts and the verdicts were GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY.

I want to show solidarity': how artists have reacted to George Floyd's  killing | Art | The Guardian

Ode to George Floyd

Most animals are born with a throat.

a tube that enables all creatures a means of breathing and digesting.

Each fragile being begins life struggling to take a first breath or cry or gasp.

A murder occurs when a lasso, hands, a foot smashes a throat.

Death results.

Life is in itself encompasses beginnings – so natural.

Death – the end – is not natural.

Causing involuntary death is evil – true sin.

The sin that resulted in George Floyd’s death will never be wiped away.

Yet, justice is necessary to bring about hope despite such a loss.

Hope and the sharing of hope to protect the fragility of all throats,

of all lynchings, of all beings.

Let hope beget hope in honor of George Floyd.

About SembradaEnCostaRica

I often feel like a balloon ready to fly off this big blue marble! I openly write about depression and post traumatic stress. Born & raised in NYC from a Costa Rican/Nicaraguan family. I have ongoing medical condition that has caused me to experience 50+ bone fractures. I stopped counting at 50. It's called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I attended a school for the disabled prior to mainstreaming. I moved to Boston in 1983 for college and soon after became involved in local union and community politics as well as a peace activist. My high points have been my marriage, my step-motherhood and re-connecting with my Papa as an adult. Since 2004, I have experienced much grief due to the deaths of my stepsons and parents. I am a witness and survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. I write prose and poetry in both English and Spanish. I live with my dog Sugar in Roslindale, MA.
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