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The gray, the gray, the gray.

I don’t mind the snow.

I do the gray skies that appears,

right before

and with the flakes.

Those gray clouds fill my headspace,

with cottonballs.

Said cottonballs absorb my bodily and

psychic energy slowing me,

and like a car engine with no oil,

shutting down.

The snow itself doesn’t bother me.

The gray clouds use the snow,

to eradicate the bad, the moisture,

the negative energy.

After the snow is on the ground,

I welcome the blue, blue sky typically,

so, so clear that

I feel a jolt of energy.

The pristine whiteness mirrors,

the blueness shining,

right into my inner core,

recharging me.

Written 2/1/2021, Snow day, Boston, MA

About SembradaEnCostaRica

I often feel like a balloon ready to fly off this big blue marble! I openly write about depression and post traumatic stress. Born & raised in NYC from a Costa Rican/Nicaraguan family. I have ongoing medical condition that has caused me to experience 50+ bone fractures. I stopped counting at 50. It's called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I attended a school for the disabled prior to mainstreaming. I moved to Boston in 1983 for college and soon after became involved in local union and community politics as well as a peace activist. My high points have been my marriage, my step-motherhood and re-connecting with my Papa as an adult. Since 2004, I have experienced much grief due to the deaths of my stepsons and parents. I am a witness and survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. I write prose and poetry in both English and Spanish. I live with my dog Sugar in Roslindale, MA.
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